AN N E X    P R E S S    2 0 1 5


First, nothing, then the something that comes out of nothing
Nothing turns out to be more interesting than this certain something
It is definitely something, but what it is is still a matter of conjecture
Some believe it to be the first in a series of somethings that will one day amount
      to something important
Others think nothing of it or think it nothing worth dwelling on
Or that it is all right as far as it goes but that nothing in the end will come of it
Most remain entirely unaware of it, buried as they are in the multitudinous
      signals that stream through their various devices
Nonetheless, whatever its ultimate fate, this something cannot be denied its
It leaves its mark to produce a kind of shuddering trail of reverberations as
      random passers by stop for a moment to regard it, quizzically at first, later
      with dawning recognition
This goes on for some time until eventually, through frequent association or
      blind habit, this certain something blends in with everything else to comprise
      the new nothing