A N N E  X    P R E S S     2 0 1 5


Find quite amusing but don’t know if really true
Late spring wisteria shave and go
Hold up your days for all to see
Riding bike into sudden snow
Coming up the rear
What is, under pressure from what isn’t, or what isn’t yet
A name by any other day would last a week

Large inventions surge forward
The layabouts lounge in the shade
Their laughter is like an unpaid bill
Every day is everybody’s birthday
The debt load a mounted police
Time to be off
You can have my hats and coats

For a man to write as a woman
Requires imagination
The lighter of many fires
What voice would then resound in the head?
Neither a borrower nor a lender be
And forgive us our debts
A list as long as your arm

Somewhere off the coast a radio signal
Stopping by the woods to check email
And whether we get out of this in time is up for grabs        
For stationery think envelope
For stationary think arrested adolescent
Poetry is news that has to stay after school
Leaf shapes that spell the velvet hammer

A long line of ancestors at the post office
The most important thing is to relax
Now you see it
The rose quartet
Barely stirring
In a light breeze
It’s all right

Time opens onto a wide array
Today a trip to the city for lunch with Bill
You go your way past the algorithm mine
Drop names from tall buildings
Listen for bounce
Telling me just what a fool I’ve been
Imagination enters in terror, flowers in spring

One bad grout and the new Bay Bridge has to be done over
The taste is of pomegranate with a hint of machine learning
Everything that could be said shall be said
What counts is today
Making room for the centuries
Not something you consume, rather it consumes you
Who bears life has the last word