A N N E X    P R E S S     2 0 1 5

In my guise as a business person
As a musician, a poet
In my guise as a son, a husband, a Papi
My guise as a man
I glide in my guise
And the stars wheel in the sky
Have you noticed the days are getting shorter
Not really, it still stays light pretty late
Summer is an expanding form
In my guise as a watcher of days

The landscapers have arrived
In my guise as a homeowner
In Spanish they speak of the task at hand
The sound of the mower enters my poem
Communicating vessels pour information back and forth across the universe of
I go back over the story again and again
In my guise as a dreamer
One who imagines the world as it appears
Slightly modified each time wholly different suddenly transformed
Throwing light off in waves

The poem is a place to be for a little while
I enter in my guise as a reader
The words light up as my eyes pass over them
Each is a token of my affliction
I must be hung up on expression
The way a certain person sees and says what is going on for them
Fascinated I am in my guise as a riverboat captain
Surveying the banks in search of native life
The way things are now, were then
The highlights of a conversation opening paths into the future

I remain in place in my guise as a seated figure
Time runs through my fingers
Nothing is very convenient right now
Yet my health is good enough
In my guise as a normal animal
At noon I will take my leave
The sounds of transportation penetrate the open pores of the membrane of
      possible answers

What was the question?
A theme of instances flows against the shores of time
Open the black box of personality
Remove all parts
I can see where all this is going
In my guise as a trenchant observer
A blue jacket
A bemused attitude
A pair of legs
In my guise as none of the above

That things will be not only different but also more so
That unexpected eventualities will interrupt the proceedings
That messages will get mixed
That tremendous joy and love will be declared and concretely validated
That new meetings will give off authentic sparks
And even at night alone in the dark the wheel of life will continue to turn
Making the way more difficult, more interesting, more fully charged
So that whatever I say
In my guise as a village explainer
The drift of my words will be constantly exceeded by the manifold streamings of
      minutely colored cells

K I T    R O B I N S O N           IN  MY  GUISE