AN N E X    P R E S S    2 0 1 5


                                 4 little love poems (1 at a time?)

                                   Top to bottom (or all in a line?)

What Matter Does Doesn’t

On-off-on the sensor array
touches palm to palm
while time looks away

There’s nothing new to see
no one’s left, but we

here dancing hand to hand
turn the other cheek to
cheek as face to face
we live on day to day


A Penny Dropped in the Cup of Love

You heal the weak, you check the strong
& any time you part the throng

to right what elsewise might go wrong
(or not) I nod – I go along.

My left leg retreats as your right hand advances.
I tumble into romantic trances

calling you sister though you’re xenogene
(one summoned from a place unseen

to join two paths as in a dream)
& never cease my echo of your theme.

The instant seemed that fecund
I caught your eye – I beckoned.

I who thought to be no more than one
found you instead to dote upon.


Little Pythian

Across a shadow
range of stains

                            As Zeus dreams
                            your face, lines

 lines run straight
then rhythmic

                            brilliant, serene
                            thread the reel

knifelike veer
to perpendicular.

                              of his projector.


A Fandom Lover

While those who watch me undress
Test my trance, before too long

Hazard’s here to rip my thong.
Oh blizzarded wizardess

Your wager’s won – I’m impressed.
It’s you to whom I belong.

Your strength will enhance my song.
You’ll scissor me through the throng.