K I T  R O B I N S O N         F A L S E    B A Y 

A N N E X    P R E S S    2 0 1 6

Words in place of fingers
Sky in place of heart
Sound in place of memory
Whales in place of harmonicas
Liberals in place of precipices
Door in place of tree
Sensuality in place of remuneration
Number in place of color
Eyes in place of seahawks
September in place of time

Inside the cave
Outside the bar
Whenever it suits you
Unless there is a fire
Until the last minute
Without being aware
Because of the noise
Under the circumstances
On top of the fridge
By the side of the road

Ceremonial embouchure
Leaseway tires
Probabilistic septuagenarians
Semi-automatic doubt
Consensual sacrifice
Inter-island plasticity
Roadside realism
Drowsy blandishments
Tonal arrival
Misbegotten hallelujah

Art is the last refuge of polygamists
Rail transport is the badminton of hungry ghosts
Sensitivity is the germ warfare of electric guitars
Language is the roulette of pacifism
Cinema is the cliff face of adolescence
Melancholy is the nasturtium of time
Outer space is the typewriter of misapprehension
Ostentation is the oatmeal of fellowship
Everyday life is the climate change of introspection
Horticulture is the guardian angel of sex