A N N E X    P R E S S    2 0 1 5

T O M    M A N D E L       S I L E N T    T R E A T M E N T

 I gave Donkey
the BB gun

I taught him to shoot
I taught him to run

I taught him to hitchhike
without a thumb

Now Donkey’s having
so much fun

Too busy to visit
he’s on the run

No time to rhyme
he spins up puns


Yes, Donkey’s on a
brand new tack

He’s wearing black
he's talking back

He's ditched the BB gun
for Ack-Ack

In all the bars
he is the one

In all the wars
his side has won 

His texts all end
with a smirk or a smile

& I don't like

Donkey's new style


I gave Donkey
the monkey’s stone

On which he wrote
his famous tome 

Donkey didn’t thank me
he just groaned

& sang this song
in Donkey monotone

“Give me a roll of
quarters, a Six iPhone 

I’ll fly out tomorrow
on the early drone

Keep your cone of silence
I’ve got my ice cream cone 

I don’t need you
to feel alone”


I gave donkey
the chicken shack

I said
“for all you lack

Walk to the West
keep the sun at your back

Don't stop until
you see my smokestack”

So donkey hiked
way down the track

To Old Macdonald’s farm
for a Meal Big Mac

Then right away started
the same old flack

I'm an “all-time Hall-of-Fame

hero sad sack”


When Donkey gave me
the silent treatment

One glance his way &
I knew what he meant

His tail poked holes in
the top of my tent

Through which I gaze
at the firmament

The moment when
my roof gets rent

I notice how
all stars are bent

Until my final days
on Earth I’ve spent

I’ll always wonder

where Donkey went