Until 1995, I directed O.ARS, a literary and cultural organization, publishing anthologies of poetry, visual poetry, experimental prose, and commentary. Each volume explores an aspect of postmodern poetics. From its inception O.ARS published works of experimental or sur-fiction, visual poetry and other forms of writing associated with the international avant-garde, as well as what has come now to be known as language-centered writing.

My poetry and criticism have appeared in a variety of venues. A selected poems, spanning twenty years work, appeared in 1995 under the title, Fields. I have given conference papers and published criticism on key modernist figures such as Ezra Pound, William Carlos Williams, and Charles Olson. I have also written and published on contemporary world poetry, especially that employing hybrid forms. In both my poetry and my prose, I engage a field poetics, using tropes like margin, frame or overlay to explore the ways in which cross-cultural contact or liminality produce meaning. I have translated contemporary poetry from French, German and Spanish sources. Current translation projects include Jardín cerrado by Emilio Prados and three books by Antonio Gamoneda, 2006 winner of the Cervantes prize.

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