STEVE BENSON             05   09   15

A N N E X    P R E S S     2 0 1 5

      A point, so muddy and inevitable

 So Energy ,
                                           Jetlag other engineers , not      
                                                                  Hysteria enemy
Each   Squeeze eyes
                                           eyes a Fall of
       spirit    An solidity creeping The         Gel Liquid  
down the the of
                                                                    A After    breaks
      sketched                          gold intoxication       
over an Adumbra
                                           leisure in permeating special
by Each      no opportunity is In
                                                                      big buck rule        
              Some duct one pivots not pants tried tight
crotch        the
                               Christ  words swivel me pith  –
gut sparkle   
                         leaning episode  as  zone  stagger off
I stick it out       over river, turn big upside down
           the forest     is the     I zone     liberating

What proliferation was episode to die   to dies is
but an course violent all don’t doesn’t if it it
but an course violent all don’t doesn’t if if it it
Nor whether frost can snow myself      sunlight
try you
                    Only holding impossible sandwich       be
my accessible I attention       fortunate –  that glare
live as angels
                           held filters through their rather stale
however it’s long late                         hang out, too
learn on enchantment tone of lines within
              blankly suspended
                                                            fields to where it’s
soaked end oil it                     lead a blood freely in
                                               a I, so my of can have way
    to park what a call in for midst.
       a home

this I sea place open   the barking where
duels turn scale into off
                                      hand  anecdote  walls  hate  ode
                                 annihilation             risk  slap  to  fins 
millionaires    as charred rough
                                                      detective time edges in
sleeping   champing     underdog’s     omniscient    bet
between oneness, eyes hair a monstrous Of of stone
the lost civilization uneven
                                           the cave adheres the The once
they’ve office clocked hounds of I
  scores the apply of I who look it yesterday, well, I
  pores to the rain noises who create hard could
                                                     possibly distinguish soil
as confusing the listening to, by chewing
                                                                        and to back of
seeking           through bodies
                                          or We Language
               each discourses. 
                                              A sense set plastic for sense
Undying the and

                                      Permutations disappear      
of kissing, a decay
                                  rotate ephemeral
                                                                    feeling proving  –


[03 26 - 04 19 2015, 05 09 2015]