A N N E X   P R E S S    2 0 1 5

STEVE  BENSON        05  06  15

              Energy        Jetlag       engineers  Hysteria
Squeeze your eyes together               Fall
         An indefinite creeping insight             Gel
the center of an asterisk                   After thought
          sketched in gold paint                Alone
       Adumbra                In no special order
            Adumbration       flow on in big river
duct episode pivots           pants on tight legs
         crotch             Christ   fine  swivel
      sparkle                final episode            snaz zone
of the stick,  flake,  out big river,  in big
           forest of the time zone,  unclear
proliferation  –  last episode  –  screen dies
          an amusic violent I don’t know if
whether I can explain myself I’ll try
holding the sandwich between my teeth
              I am fortunate in that I live among angels
held in their spell rather than by them, however
long they hang me out here on their enchantment
            lines of suspended force, fields
soaked in oil, asbestos, lead, and blood
               I  think  of  remembering  a  legend
I didn’t live and wasn’t told but might have been
     parked on a barque in the midst of a sunset
sea tour open by barking lions basking under
scaled plates of atmosphere walls for one another
       to sleep on or slap their fins dreaming
onto the charred place, rough with time in
     edges, water seeping off into its omniscient
oneness, its hair, the monstrous lair of insanity
        lost wandering uneven
                        the cave of the enlightened once
they’ve been clocked
these hounds many of the scores to apply
I don’t look at yesterday today I listen to the rain
noises            Complex, hard to distinguish
It could be confusing listening to rain, listening again
as if to words, seeking patterns of causality
or music         Language puddles discourses
          make sense intentional, plastic, performative
Undying love and money disappear  into  a  hole
of  material  decay  and ephemeral tragedy
      proving  a  point,  muddy  and  inevitable

[03 26 – 04 07 2015]