Not much space to write. Not much
Tee shirt: “Don’t worry / Do slappies” (Red on black)
battery left on the phone. So you can
  Lots of people here look like Steve Evans
see the list I may show my son in
or maybe it is all one person appearing in
the morning and you can see the
   various places here.
characteristics according to the
                      I start reading the book
book I was shown at the Rock &
         after sandwich & OJ, unable to stay
Art Shop on the colossal night (so
       seated because so badly
that way like tonight) of Henry’s
                needing to urinate but thinking I
reading doublebilling as a Soul-
can’t go into a museum building to a restroom
Benders show night . . .  where was I? At
     with my milkshake. I read walking, then    
the Venice Ale House. On the street,
       see a set of symbols on the side of this
the beach. Up the alley, like a
          building, where I’d thought was a staff
sexual experience – the loving
            entrance. Warned the floor is often
tones; mouths, anuses, vaginas,
           wet by two signs there, I find a urinal
not yours, not mine, all of ours,
    and allow a large vocable to join in my sigh
for all hours      Possible to be
            as I release pressure from my bladder.
maturely loving in childlike
        No one is around to hear it. I enjoy
omnipotence, sentimental or
                       hearing it. I do not try to repeat.
sensimotorically striding forward
          The “unthought known”
to nameless burrito house to follow
       shows up in the clip
porter with horchata & burrito al pastor.
from The Testament of Dr. Mabuse, shown here
Delivered, to my writing desk . . .
in the German expressionist cinema show
“Here” (not “to go”) Como lavarse las manos
in the “Art of the Americas Building.”


STEVE BENSON       O4 25 15 

A N N E X    P R E S S     2 0 1 5