Rufino Tamayo . .
& enconchados
& Gego (her reticulareas)

Bellows, Cliff Dwellers, 1913
McLaughlin, Untitled, 1953
Millard Sheets, Angels Flight, 1931
Cassatt, Mother about to wash . . ., 1880
Copley: Portrait of a lady, 1771
Eakins: Wrestlers, 1899
Guy Maddin w/ Evan and Galen Johnson, Kino Ektopasma (2015?)
  (or Seances)

In Lazaroff collection:
Sherer, Sleeping woman with boy, 1926
Schwitters, Construction for Nobel Ladies, 1925
Otto Dix, Leda, 1919
Hannah Hoch, Picture IX Blue, 1920
Matisse, Woman resting, 1941
Picasso, Figure, 1930
\ Still Life, 1927
  \ Head of a Boy, 08 01 1925
    \Bust of a Woman, 1941
      \Head of a Woman, Jacqueline, 1961-2
        \Swineherd, 1906
          \ Young Woman in a Striped Dress, 1949
Soutine, Hill at Ceret, 1921
John Graham, Untitled (Still life), 1932
DeKooning, Montauk Highway, 1958
David Park, Two Women, 1957
Jay de Feo, The Jewel, 1959
At USC, students are toured as education. At L.A.C.M.A., students are toured as art. I wander, sometimes looking at the map, as education and as art. Because I don’t know what I am doing here, it is education (not strictly self-learning, and not not self-education – I don’t know what I am doing nor what is being done to me – I am annoyed and I am beguiled – I am surprised and I am disappointed – I settle in and I am disrupted) and art (not strictly making or witnessing art, not knowing or not not knowing what the art is or does) but sitting in the café (outdoors to enjoy people moving their body parts in space) not yet reading Jon Cotner’s and Andy Fitch’s Ten Walks / Two Talks (as usual).

If they were still (like the Duane Hanson at Colby) it would be the intimation of imminent or possible (but never or not possible) movement that would enchant me. So – that is part of the charm and fascination of youthful – of youth – movement not only more highly charged with possibility but looser, more experimental, erring. As I passed the man who could almost have been Steve Evans standing at the ticket booth he turned to me abruptly saying in a loud voice “So do you have a ticket yet?” I nodded affirmatively before I realized he was on his cell phone. Beautiful high schoolers gather by their tour guide to leave.

Tee shirt: “Don’t worry / Do slappies” (Red on black)
  Lots of people here look like Steve Evans
or maybe it is all one person appearing in
   various places here.
                      I start reading the book
         after sandwich & OJ, unable to stay
       seated because so badly
                needing to urinate but thinking I
can’t go into a museum building to a restroom
     with my milkshake. I read walking, then
       see a set of symbols on the side of this
          building, where I’d thought was a staff
            entrance. Warned the floor is often
           wet by two signs there, I find a urinal
    and allow a large vocable to join in my sigh
            as I release pressure from my bladder.
        No one is around to hear it. I enjoy
                       hearing it. I do not try to repeat.
          The “unthought known”
       shows up in the clip
from The Testament of Dr. Mabuse, shown here
in the German expressionist cinema show
in the “Art of the Americas Building.”

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