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Hi B

I'm writing in effect to apologize for not reading your essay. Everything is going on at once and I just haven't capability to make time to approach this sort of a reading-thinking project, while many other essays and volumes I have printed and need to read, most of them non-literary, are gathering footprints and coffee-stains around me. Only today I am reading the exchanges prompted by it on the XX list. 

I am glad to send work to the attention of XX and of Facebook, and I know sometimes I did and will read it closely. I look forward to it eagerly, in fact.

love, Steve

Dear J

This is all one long piece. I used the space bar for all the indentations, so that no matter how many characters roughly fit into each line it won't matter, from my point of view. You should I hope be able to simply flow it into the space for prose and it will work.

There are two carets at one point and a word with French accent marks at another; if these don't come through right, it will be okay. Hopefully it is not too long and will be at home in its page. 



Hi J

I'm sorry I didn't read and answer right away. But of course mind and body are in various places. I took a nice walk in Castine with P, after seeing her new office set up there. Then I bought groceries. Then came home and made a salad and noticed I'd left heat under a frying pan for four hours and had lunch and I guess decided to put off email a while. Doing other things on line, though, so still cursed.

But . . . 

Let's try to think this out together. All your language doesn't clearly register for me, but

    >    no, I'm not using IBM. I'm on a macbook pro using Word for Macs. 
    >    maybe I can offer it unlocked . . . it sounds like that might help a lot . . . but what does that mean? I don't see anything where I save it (currently as a .doc, but I could use a different form if it helps) nor in the Properties tabs about locking or unlocking the doc. What makes a doc locked or not locked?
I will try attaching it as a docx just in case that works better . . . ? Below.
    >    when you say flowing it plays havoc w the spaces, do you mean spaces between words (which are various here, using space bar often more than one time) or between lines, or something else?
    >     I definitely don't want you having to work much to correct spacing that is lost. That's not an option I even want to consider, and I'm sorry if you've had to do that in the past.
    >     to reproduce 04 09 2015 the way it is now, but with corrected spaces between pages, would be a good solution. the one blank line space between each entry is the goal -- anything looking only approximately so won't call attention to its slight difference. so in that post, the entire column should be uniform, format wise, as it is in the doc, if it's seen not in the 'print layout view,' which shows it on a series of pages with margins at top and bottom, but rather as it's seen in the 'draft view' (but without the blue line where the page breaks are).
    >    I don't understand your proposal about One End -- I just can't tell what you mean. Maybe the commentary above will have answered it already.

I'm not sure if you are also asking something about 04 10 2015 -- but it looks like the thing came through perfectly there, presumably well 'flowed' into the font that we've used on this page one. Spaces and all. Unless you did them all yourself! Ugh. I hope you didn't need to.

My only extra wish on this one -- 04 10 2015 -- is, if easily done, to reduce the space beneath the composite text and above the pdf page of the poem part of it, so that it approximately matches the space above that text and below the journal scanned pdf page. 

Anyhow, thanks for trying all this. See what works easily and please don't worry about it. It's also "good enough" the way it is now.

love, Steve

P, I had a good time with you and I'm glad I got out to see you and your spaces and take a walk and talk together. Your pieces in the V are good, especially the photos with all the captions. I know that took some serious effort to get it all in right. It's interesting and complex.

love, Steve

M –
Very cool. I really like her.

That's going to be nice.
Glad/  Steve

Hi J—

I used the quotations in the release but have them separate here verbatim from sources, in case you have other uses for them. I am sending the release out tomorrow. Any suggestions to make it better?

Dear A, evidently I sent you an email early afternoon called "sontag" with no text and no attachment and no link. That's weird, but now in the evening looking back through emails I sent, I see it that way. I was calling your attention to a 1975 interview you may also have seen in the BR, which I saw there today, which says some things you might or might not have heard her say before, things that may be valuable to you. So you can find it at if your computer works a little faster than mine and doesn't stop you dead in the middle of juggling various choices. love, steve

Hi B,

Are you aware of this event at, in Augusta that Saturday? It looks potentially interesting, networking cooperatives and their devotees across the state. I am tempted to consider going -- another opportunity to write an article based on an excursion. To an arboretum, no less.
best wishes for a sunny tomorrow, Steve

Hi B

I just see that what feels like many hours ago I wrote "I'm glad to send work to the attention of" when I meant to write "I'm glad you send work to the attention of" . . . my lingual attention did not seem to match my lingual intention.

Hi J
I didn't know I'd get something to you today, but I am doing so now, to go up when time for it comes round.
Hopefully it will be easy or okay.
There's a double line space between each text/each email in this series, to help with readability and to help see where they begin (since one or two have no salutation at all).
You must have worked some on 04 09 because it looks just great now. Thanks!
love, Steve

I forgot to use your initial so I’m sending this again, corrected