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Questions about overnight on Tuesday 4/21

Steve Benson                               Apr 2 (2 days ago)

My son, Jasper Benson-Sulzer, 
Oxy ID: Ax11xxxx3, has been admitted to Occidental and is considering it as a final choice. He would like to have an overnight visit to the campus. He may not be able to attend an Experience Oxy day on the 17th, a few days earlier than we may need to choose to be there. 

I am trying to work out travel arrangements and planning for an excursion to LA from our home in rural Maine. 

If my son contacts you in the next few days to arrange an overnight visit on campus for Tuesday April 21, can he expect to be able to sit in on one or two classes, to get a tour of the campus if he wants one, and to attend events and explore the campus, as well as having some time to chat at meals or in a dorm with one or more current students? This was our impression from the website page at 


If an answer is better conveyed by phone, you could call me at 207 610 0396. If you prefer to communicate directly with him, please let me know.

Thanks for your help. 


Overnight Visits                                  Apr 3 (1 day ago)

Mr. Benson,

Yes, your son can expect most of these things. I cannot speak on how many classes he will be able to sit in on as this usually depends on how many classes his host has that day. However, he is always welcome to look through our course catalog, find classes occurring on the day he is here, and attend. (The host just needs to email the professor and let them know.) 

When you fill out the registration form it will ask if he would like a tour and to select the time of the tour & info session he would like. Also, he is staying on campus with a current student so he will have plenty of time to chat, eat, etc. with students on campus. 

I will warn you that if you would like a visit on the 21st the deadline is fast-approaching. I believe it is on Monday so I urge you to fill it out as soon as possible. On the page you sent me the link to, it states "Register for an Overnight Visit." Once you click that the calendar will appear, just pick your date and fill out the form.

We look forward to having Jasper soon. Please let me know if I can answer any more questions.

Jane Brooks
Overnight Visit Coordinator


Steve Benson 

8:45 AM (8 hours ago)

Here below, Jasper, is the response to my query from Oxy, about what's possible on an overnight visit. It sounds to me like this overnight will give you a variety of strong experiences of campus life,

STEVE BENSON                          04 04 15

 classroom situations with or without your student host, tour of campus, chances to ask questions and        look around.

So it is vital to register for the overnight visit, if it seems right to you to do so, this weekend. (Instructions in their email.) 

Please, please, please do not wait till Monday. I am not sure that Monday evening would be soon enough or whether the deadlines will have by then passed.

I am still waiting on your sense, and our consensus, about whether the itinerary already purchased for flights and timings that I roughly outlined will work well to meet your needs. Not hearing anything yet, I am not actively investigating alternatives. (And, to me, the plan seems good.)

We can also reflect on whether I should be along on this trip, of course, since most of your doings will involve your separation from the likes of me; I would be helping with transportation and other arrangements as well as prowling the campuses and learning things my own way, which may be useful in assessing what you find there, but I won't be with you a lot of the time on the ground after 9 am Monday. Personally, I am inclined to go, for all these reasons and more, such as feeling it may add a sense of groundedness to the adventure for you just to know I'm in town, and for me to feel that security too, at this point. (Don't worry. I'm not planning to move to the same city when and where you start college.)


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