03/13/2015 at Blue Hill Public Library Howard Room

#4 in an Alliance for Democracy series on cooperatives:

Jan Carpenter and Bonnie Preston and Leslie Cummins are running this series. Leslie introduces two speakers:

First, Jonah Fertig who was active on Arundal ME’s Neverdone Farm until 2 yrs ago speaks (see card for more ID)
His issue is, How can we expand and stabilize our food system?
He met today with the Blue Hill Co-op (BoD? GM?) . . .

  He was active 15 yrs ago in anti-globalization activism in Se4attle and elsdewhere, then locally organizing in Portland, ME, seeking to determine and develop democratic structures for economic/trade/food organizations. 5 years ago he began Cooperative Permutation and allies with the Cooperative Development Institute – they have 3 programs now:

            Business Ownership Solutions (e.g. work with the Stonington group)
            New England Resident Program – helping residents of mobile parks to become                         landowners on a cooperative model

Traditional standard meaning of an economic cooperative model seen as forward-looking, to develop governance/economic and community practices and institutions that serve people, deriving fro their will, decision-making and initiative

Dicusses with slides heritage and history of economic models including Native American,

                          STEVE BENSON                          03  14  2015                    

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